Kim Jon, Trump and Putin dancing Uptown Funk

Happy Presidents funny dance Three of the most powerful people in the world get together for a … funny dance. Kim Jon Il, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin dancing together on camera. Seriously though… aren’t those masks so realistic? More dances For more celebs dancing funny, more dancing videos… or to submit your own,.. Follow…

Kanye West dances to reggaeton

Kanye Dances Reggaeton Kanye dances to reggaeton music.. Go Kanye! Go Kanye! Funny dances Find the latest celebs and famous people dancing funny. funny dance viral videos on our Facebook.

Mexican TV guy dancing marimba reggaeton

Mexican Funny Dance Mexican TV presenter dancing on a reggaeton loop across a mayonnaise jars’ background, on this trippy video remix. Got a funny dance? Send it to us on facebook!

Taylor Swift falls off treadmill

Celebs Taylor Swift falls down while jamming on treadmill. Follow Funny Dance on social media for hilarious viral vids of dances and more. More Taylor Swift’s goofy moments: