Funny Dancing Vines Compilation (5:38)

Funny dance vines 2015

Vine has been growing in popularity and funny dances on vines are always popular.
Here is a five-minute video compilation of funny dancing vines, all kind and in different music styles.

Hot sexy girl dancing to Michael Jackson’s Bille Jean at over Michael’s star in Hollywood.
Weird Japanese guys clapping with their hair
No dancing on poles girl!
oh wait, hey mommy…
Chubby black guy dancing in the parking lot
How to walk sassy, you gotta work and work in fierce!
Fresh Prince of Bel Air… “drop that thang for me”
Kid in Buccaneer’s jersey sassy dance with cheerleadres to 50 Cent “In Da CluB”
Move bitch, get out the way: Kid ets smakcked in teh head with pillo! 😮
Lil Wayne flakes parody
Girl does a sexy dance and gets hit on the head as friend opens the door

funny dancing vines
The best funny dancing Vines at

My nigga, my nigga, Vine parody
Faous Boy oh boy oh boy vine dance while sweeping
Weird girl kitchen dance to Bingo Players – rattle
Dany and dad dancing bubble butt on the stairs
What does the fox say? Why the fuck would he say that?
I came in like a recking ball FAIL: Guy falls on tire swing
food selfies… “We’red one”
I’M Bad: Marching band recreating a Michael Jackson moonwalk in stadium
Crowd dancing at a store drop deada (hidden camera
Beans that make you dance
Carlton from the Prince of Rap dancing
Friends cool popping dance
Miley Cyrus vs teddy bear
Guy at the locker room grinding fail
Dancing on the sidewalk Whatcha know about me”
Foam finger dance

Funny dance vines 2015
Funny dance vines compilation

Traditional Sant Claus vs gangsta Santa Claus dance (mrotsdnaS – eduraD)
It’s easy, just dance! (guy falls on treadmill)
Fat kid weird dancing
Trick or treat halloween random dance
Gangsta mom singing hip hop in the car as daughter films her
Salsa dancing vs country trio
Cute newborn baby dancing to snopp dog
Cheerleader in high school church innapropriate dance
A thousand miles kid lip sync
Diplo – Boy Oh Boy dance
Making beats in the bathroom
Umbrella parody dance
Hot girl sexy popping dance
Fried chicken fried chicken song, Wrecking ball fail, titanic song hip hop remix
trippy skateboard dance
Weird pencil guy
Cute girl in the car dancing on car seat
Knife party “internet friends” parody
Old women twerking (Dj Fresh Earthquake)
Robots at the dj booth
Ice cream truck hip hop tune
Weekends vs sunday school